Week #3

September 6th – 9th

In-library hours:  5 hours

Out-of-library hours: 4

Total hours: 19/120


This week’s in-library hours were focused on expanding the library’s reach within our student base and peaking student interest in banned books week. I started off by helping the LMS get the word out about their new twitter and Instagram accounts. I created signs based around the theme of “Celebrate you Freedom to Read” and included the Twitter/Instagram handles, then placed them strategically all around the school.

Ms. Grief decided that she wanted to take Banned Books week to a whole new level by doing a full banned books month. Along with Mrs. Wright, they decided to create hype by wrapping books in newspaper and putting up crime scene tape in their library display. I helped them set books and create the display. We also generated questions and answers about banned books to tweet throughout the month, with a contest for the first student who properly answers the question via social media. I created an announcement that our principal could read over the intercom to help students to be more aware of the library social media accounts and the contests that were going on for the month of September.

During the remainder of my time, I continued to genre sticker books, supervise students, work the circulation desk, and help students find books to check out.

For my outside-library hours, I worked at our local elementary school. Their PTO organized an AR book sale to benefit their library. For all of the last school year, parents  and students were able to donate their old Accelerated Reader books. The PTO set up committees of volunteers to mark the level, points, and quiz number for all of the books donated. All books were $1 or less and students were able to bring their change to school and buy AR books to take home. I worked with setting up, helping students find books within their level, and taking down the book sale. All in all, it was a great event to benefit the library. We have not received final totals yet, but we have heard that the school was very pleased with the turnout and is hoping to do a similar project in the spring. The students were so excited to purchase their books and take them home to utilize them. I have had very little interaction with elementary library students and I felt like this project was a great way to see how the elementary library works. I specifically loved helping students find books in their AR range and/or interests.


Values professionalism:  Regularly practices critical thinking. Regularly engages in learning through self-reflection.

This week’s work in the elementary school required some critical thinking on my part. I am not familiar or comfortable with elementary content, but having the option to gain knowledge in that area was an amazing opportunity this week. I was able to reflect on what I know in regards to Accelerated Reader and place that information into an elementary context. Getting to interact with the younger students and help them evaluate books was a treat. I know that I need to evaluate my lack of knowledge on children’s literature and continue to grow in that area of experience.


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