Week #1

August 22nd – 26th

In library hours: 3

Out of library hours: 0

Total hours: 3/120


Week one might not look as exciting on paper but it was exciting to me. I am a planner and a scheduler by nature, so preparing my practicum game plan was something I had been itching to do for weeks. I was very eager for the semester to start so that I could begin working towards those practicum hours.

During this week, I focused on developing my plan. I have a fabulous mentor LMS, in Terri Grief. Terri is the former president of AASL and she is currently a candidate for the ALA presidency. I feel like she is going to be a great asset in helping me to figure out this crazy library world. I have been blessed to have known her for many years and I have worked with her more in the last two years then I have in the past and I feel like I learn so much from every experience.

Trying to come up with a schedule that allows me to work full time, manage my 4 children, and complete practicum hours is going to be hard! However after planning with Ms. Grief I think that we have come up with a solid plan. She was most concerned that I gathered as many hours as I can throughout the actual school day, so that I can really understand what they do to help students and teachers during a normal class day. I will be spending my planning period with her each day, as well as helping her work with the students who utilize the library after school. Our library is open to all students until 6:00 PM each day and we have a large population of students that utilize that service for homework help and internet access. I will be gathering many of my hours while working in that capacity.


Values professionalism: Commitment to self reflection and growth. Recognizes personal limitations and strengths and uses them to best professional advantage. Actively seeks suggestions and constructive criticism. Regularly practices critical thinking. Regularly engages in learning through self-reflection.

I would say that this week my main focus was recognizing my personal limitations. When trying to figure out how on earth I am going to squeeze in all of these practicum hours, I had to really organize and compartmentalise my life. I have 4 kids. 3 of those 4 kids have after school activities. My youngest is still on a pretty strict feeding schedule. I have a full time job and I run our media team at church. I decided to step back from after school tutoring, photography club, and the speech and debate team until after my practicum hours are completed. I sat in front of my calendar for the next few months and tried to factor out the hours into specific days. I know that I will have to be flexible with myself as I move forward, but at the same time I will need to be diligent in order to get all of my hours completed in time.



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