Week #4

img_7576September 12th – 16th

In-library hours:  9 hours                  Total in-library hours: 24/40

Out-of-library hours: 0                      Total out-of-library hours: 4

Total hours: 28/120

I feel like this week’s library experience has helped me to get into the swing of the day in the life of a librarian at McCracken County High School. I guess all library hours should help me to feel that way, but something about the routine of this week was helpful in really giving me that focus.

The majority of this week’s work revolved around the circulation desk. I complete most of my hours during my planning period and a few hours a week at the end of the day helping students in the library after school. While working the circulation desk, my main job is to help students check out books. Throughout this week there were classes utilizing the library and observing book talks from Ms. Grief. Afterward, I would either help students find books for pleasure reading or class work, or I would man the computer and checked out books.

Another task I completed while working the circulation desk was checking in books. The library has a system as to where to place books that have been checked in so that they can be reshelved. There are a number of library student aids throughout the day and each student aid is assigned a different section of library shelves. They reshelve the books, clean, and double check their shelves for accuracy in addition to other tasks during their class period.

Last but not least, since it was homecoming week, I completed a few tasks that fall on our LMS team but do not fall into the typical “library” category. A few years ago our library purchased a poster maker and a Cricut machine. Ms. Grief will often sell vinyl decals as a fundraiser for the library. This week she was making vinyl signs for our cheer team in order to raise money for the library. I worked with her student aids to help get these finished in time for our homecoming pep rally on Friday.   


Values Professionalism: “Recognizes personal limitations and strengths and uses them to best professional advantage. Actively seeks suggestions and constructive criticism.”

When working circulation and helping students with books, you very quickly recognize the things that you do not know. I can give students a lot of answers but there are still things about the procedures that must fall on the shoulders of the LMS and are out of my control. This week I feel like I displayed the CEBS professionalism disposition because I made a point to actively ask questions and talk with our LMS to better understand what we do and why we do it.  I sought out answers about Destiny, AR, and even book suggestions in order to better the experience of the students and to help me expand my knowledge.


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