Week #5

September 19th – 24th

In-library hours:  7 hours                  Total in-library hours: 31/40

Out-of-library hours: 0                      Total out-of-library hours: 4

Total hours: 35/120   


Week 5 shook things up a lot for me. I am currently taking LME 508 while also working on my LME 590 practicum. LME 508 requires that you do 10 hours in a “culturally diverse” library. Unfortunately, the McCracken County High School library did not meet the criteria for the culturally diverse field experience, and neither did any other school in our district. Ms. Grief recommended that I do my hours at Paducah Tilghman High School and she was gracious enough to reach out to their librarian, Mrs. Beth Wyant on my behalf. The hard part about gathering these hours was that their school started before ours and ended before ours as well. They do not have any after school services in their library. So after talking with my principal, we determined that the best way for me to get my hours in was to take personal days and spend them at PTHS.

I was able to spend two full school days with Mrs. Wyant at PTHS. The first 10 hours were strictly for LME 508, but I chose to stay an additional 4 hours to put towards my LME 590 practicum. During this time I helped her work the circulation desk, interacted with students, and helped evaluate her reference collection. One of the biggest struggles for Mrs. Wyant and the PTHS library is the lack of funding to update their collection. Mrs.Wyant inherited the collection from a retiring library who she claimed had treated it more like an archive. After analyzing her reference collection, I knew that she was right.

Mrs.Wyant inherited the collection from a retiring librarian who she claimed had treated it more like an archive. After analyzing her reference collection, I knew that she was right. She said that with the lack of funding to replace the older books, she didn’t feel like she could successfully weed the collection without making the library look completely bare. So for the time being, she focused her money on building her fiction collection with up to date titles that will help entice her reluctant readers to pick up a book.

One of the things that we did was brainstorm how she could raise funds for her collection. Some of the older books that she has are beautiful and would make great decorative pieces on a book shelf. We checked Ebay and a lot of 10 older books will sell for $40 on average. She was going to look into the red book rules for selling weeded books from her collection. We also talked about DonorsChoose.org and finding a local business owner that might want to fund a library project in a specific field.

These are some snapshots that I took of the PTHS library.

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Values diversity – “Willingly works with others from different ability, race, gender, or ethnic groups. Welcomes feedback and interaction with others. Listens carefully to others and respects the views of those perceived as different from self.Values collaboration. Actively seeks out and incorporates ideas of others. Takes leadership in working with others to improve the overall environment. Regularly share information and ideas.”

Through working with Mrs. Wyant and the PTHS students, I feel that I showed that I embrace diversity and follow its place within my education and within the library. PTHS was a very different environment from MCHS but the entire experience was enjoyable. The kids were eager to spend time in the library and helping them find books was fun. By working with Mrs. Wyant, I feel that I made a connection that I will have for many years to come. I hope that I am able to collaborate with her and seek out her expertise on library projects in the future.


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