Week #6

September 26th – 30th

In-library hours:  4 hours                  Total in-library hours: 35/40

Out-of-library hours: 0                      Total out-of-library hours: 4

Total hours: 39/120   


This was a lite week for me in regards to hours spent in the library. I had doctor’s appointments with my own children during and after school this week and thus was not able to complete very many hours. I did get to work in our library on Monday and Thursday afternoons, as well as Friday morning.

One of my projects this week revolved around ordering. When either Mrs. Grief or Mrs. Wright places an order through Perma-Bound, they set a financial cap on the order per our Board of Education. When books are placed on their order list but the cap is met, those books are not shipped. My job was to go through the list of unshipped books and look for them in our Destiny system to determine how quickly we would need them. Many books were part of a series that we already had in the library. We determined that those books were of high priority because students were reading the series and would need the most recent book soon. I then had to go in and create a new order based on what we still needed and print the paperwork to get our principal and board of education approval.

Other than that project, I mostly supervised students and worked circulation. Mrs. Wright was working on creating a horror-themed Halloween board to welcome the kids when they came back from fall break. I think that it turned out great!  img_7570

On a side note, I have been taking photos of books that I run across while working circulation in order to add them to my reading list. There are so many great things coming into our library. There are so many authors that I don’t know and so many things that I want to read! These are some of the books that I have picked out so far.


Values professionalism: Respect for school rules, policies, and norms Knows school rules and policies. Follows them consistently. Understands the purpose of regulations and respects their intent. Accepts responsibility for personally following them in patterns of dress, behavior, etc. EPSB Code of Ethics.

I believe that this week I showed respect for our school rules, policies, and procedures through my work in the library. Now that I have become part of the regular routine in the afternoons at the library, I am more aware of their procedures and how to hande specific aspects of the job. For example, we have small presentation rooms that are locked at all times. Students may request to use these rooms before or after school. After working with our LMS, I have become accustomed to the scenarios in which they are comfortable allowing students to be in the closed rooms and when they do not find it appropriate. I was able to monitor that process this week. img_7575

We also have very strict rules about food and drinks in the library. The library does have a cafe area where students can eat and drink without harming the library physically, but enforcing that rule can be tough. During my morning duty and my Thursday afternoon, I policed this area regularly and made sure that students were following all food policies. img_7569


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