Week 7/8

October 10th – 14th

In-library hours:  5 hours                  Total in-library hours: 40/40

Out-of-library hours: 10                     Total out-of-library hours: 14

Total hours: 54/120   

Week 7 (10/3 – 10/7) was fall break and I enjoyed a needed vacation in Florida with my kiddos. We did enjoy reading Harry Potter together during this week. 😉


This week’s in-library hours focused on evaluating books for weeding purposes and inputting marc records for the new DVDs that were added to the collection. The Alice series by Phyllis Naylor is not a series that sees a lot of action in this high school library. There are 25 total books and the series and our library is missing a few along the way. The series came to our attention when a local middle school sent one of the books over to us because they felt like it was a little too racey for their collection. When evaluating the covers, they seemed a little too juvenile for our collection. Over a few days we did some research on the content, and evaluated the varying covers of the books. We checked our records and most of the books have not been checked out in at least 6 years. My first instinct was to weed them, however when discussing it with Ms. Grief she said that she waits 10 years for fiction books and we couldn’t weed some of the series and not weed all of it. She thought that maybe that series had low turn over because she hadn’t read it herself and thus she had never reccomended it to students. In the end we opted to keep the series. I added the additional book the our catelog and genre stickered the books before returning them to the shelves. I also added in a series list to the front cover of every book, so that students could easily follow the series if they chose to check them out. IMG_7920.JPG

We also received one of our recent book/AV orders this week. I was able to help add the items to our catelog and prep the DVDs to go onto the shelves. Ms. Grief walked me through how to put the MARC records in and I went to work adding the details in for the DVDs in our collection. While most of the books have MARC records added automatically, the DVDs do not and they have to be added manually.

My outside library hours for the week were actually completed IN the library. My honors junior English class is beginning their unit on research skills. I chose to create a literacy based project that incorporated those skills. Since the class is an American literature course, we are researching the events that shaped the writing in America through different time periods. I worked with Ms. Grief and Mrs. Wright within the library to teach them how to navigate our reference collection, how to find information through online databases like KYVL.org, and how to evaluate websites for credibility. We will be continuing this project as we move into next week. img_7905


Values professionalism: Commitment to self reflection and growth. Recognizes personal limitations and strengths and uses them to best professional advantage. Actively seeks suggestions and constructive criticism. Regularly practices critical thinking. Regularly engages in learning through self-reflection.

I believe that I recognized my own limitations this week by seeking out our librarians to help offer a deaper understanding of research for my studnets. I know that Ms. Grief has a much broader knowledge base then I do when it comes to the reference collection and she has a great way of explaining credible sources to students. My strength is in planning and implementing engaging products with my junior students. I knew that I could come up with a great project that made their research applicable to our literature study and give them choice in what they learned.

As part of the students reading grade, they have to choose at least one book for free reading and take an AR test each quarter. This quarter students had to choose a book that fit into the time period of their project in some way. It had to be set in that time period or it had to be written in that time period. I knew that Ms. Grief would be the perfect reference for students in this area! She was able to pull books for each time period and give brief book talks to students to help them chose books that were engaging to them specifically.


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