Week 10

October 24th – 28th

In-library hours:  6 hours                  Total in-library hours: 54/40

Out-of-library hours: 10                    Total out-of-library hours: 47

Total hours: 99/120   

This week we worked on the technological aspect of our research projects through Google Slides. Students first typed their papers to present them in MLA format, throughout last week. Second, they organized the key information within their presentations into a Google Slide Show that they could present to their peers. We worked on finding web 2.0 tools that we could add to our presentations in order to make them exciting and educational for our audience.

We ended the project by creating quizzes via Google Forms for our audience to take. The quizzes were multiple choice and covered the content from their presentations. Students also created surveys for the audience that asked questions about what their audience thought about the visual appeal of their presentation, the information covered, and their public speaking skills. img_8064

CEBS DISPOSITION OF THE WEEK: Values professionalism: Commitment to self-reflection and growth. Recognizes personal limitations and strengths and uses them to best professional advantage. Actively seeks suggestions and constructive criticism. Regularly practices critical thinking. Regularly engages in learning through self-reflection.

This week I believed that I showed my ability to work within the CEBS professionalism disposition by showing my commitment to self-reflection and growth. I attempted to pass that commitment on to my students by teaching them to ask for feedback whenever they give a presentation. Then we talked about evaluating that feedback so that we could reflect and do better in the future.


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