Week 9

October 17th – 21st

In-library hours:  6 hours                  Total in-library hours: 46/40

Out-of-library hours: 23                    Total out-of-library hours: 37

Total hours: 83/120   

This week, the mass majority of my hours were conducted outside of the library. I continued with the junior English research projects back within my classroom. We worked on finding additional information online and processing our information in order to complete research. The biggest focus of this weeks was processing information in order to find out what was important and what was “extra.” I believe that many times students can find credible resources but they don’t know how to comb through it to truly find what they need. We picked through our research and organized the key facts into digital notecards. In the end, the students completed their research papers throughout the week so that we could start on the technological aspects of the project within the next week.

My seniors started their research projects and we chose to work on political research as many of them prepared to vote in their first presidential election. We started by outlining the issues that were important to us and who the candidates were in each party. We then picked through each candidates views on those specific issues and compiled our notes. We also looked at some of the claims that candidates made against their opponents and researched those allegations.

Within the library, I worked at the circulation desk and helped students find fiction books for their class assignments. After school I helped students that were in the library with homework and research needs. I reached out to our local librarians connection network called McNet. I talked to the group about joining and made plans to attend their November meeting. The Novemeber meeting was later cancelled and pushed to December, so I will be attending my first meeting at that point.


CEBS Disposition of the Week: Values professionalism: Professional development and involvement. References and makes use of professional organizations or publications. Willingly participates in professional activities or events that promote professional development.

I believe that I showed my value of the CEBS professionalism disposition by reaching out to the McNet library group. These women are a great resource in my community and they represent many years of library experience in my area. Ms. Grief always talks about them fondly and Mrs. Wyant, whom I worked with at PTHS, is the current president. She strongly reccomended that I join. I am excited to get to know these ladies and hopefull work with all of them professionally in the future.



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