What I’m Reading: The Boy Most Likely To

Ok, so I jumped right out of “My Life Nextdoor” and right into “The Boy Most Likely to.” I know I am not giving my review audience much to work with when it comes to genre but when I like I book I always seek out other material by the same author. It is natural to want to get swept back up in that world once again. In this case, the setting was the same but the story was different.

This book picks up within the same summer of “My Life Nextdoor” but with an entirely different story focused on Tim and Alice, who were both sub-characters in the first book. In all honesty, I actually liked this book a lot more than the first. Sam and Jase are still a part of the story but they have taken on a much more subtle role. The drama has a new focus and the relationship is much more complicated … but it works!

In the first book, sub-character Tim is a hot mess. There is more than one point where I just wanted to write him off completely. In this book, we watch Tim try to find his way as he tries to tackle hardships that are much too advanced for the average 17-year-old boy. Tim’s family is distant and he finds true family where he least expects it. I realize that I am being a bit coy with the description, but I don’t want to give too much away.

Like Fitzpatrick’s other works, I love it because I become invested in the characters as people. You begin to see into their lives and find the depth of their souls … since they are only tangible via the pages of this book, I believe this proves good writing. While in the first book I mention struggling with the conflict not showing up until late in the game, this book tackles that head on. Tim’s life is a walking conflict and Fitzpatrick delivers the curve balls magnificently.

My only critique would be the “Brad” character. I know that he is there to show us how Alice normally handles the guys in her life. However, there is a tangent where things get creepy with Tim and I just don’t see the point. I kept expecting him to do something stupid or try to hurt her when none of that happened and would have made for a completely different book. I don’t think the Brad tangent was necessary outside of the diner scene.

Disclaimer: Once again I feel the need to add that this is a YA romance novel. This genre lends its self to sexual scenes and discussion of how characters feel about sexual interaction. I would not recommend this for middle school students. High School Parents, if you are reading this my suggestion would be to talk to your student about the book if you have concerns. Heck, read it with them and discuss.


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