Professional Portfolio

Table of Contents:

Personal Education Statement

The Professional Planning Document


Reflective Standard Indication Essays & Evidence:

Standard 1 – Teaching for Learning

1.1Knowledge of Learners & Learning

Evidence: Wiki Document & Story Corps Project

1.2Effective and Knowledgeable Teacher

Evidence: Special Education Collaborative Reading Plan &

Read and Respond Student Example

1.3Instructional Partner

Evidence: Google Classroom Screencast & Google Forms

1.4Integration of twenty-first-century skills and learning standards

Evidence: LME 535 Instructional Design Project &

LME 537 Instructional Design Project

Standard 2 – Literacy &Reading


Evidence: “The Adventures of Beekle” Teaser & “I Hunt Killers” Teaser

2.2Reading Promotion

Evidence: Free Reading Bell Ringer Plan & Book Club Design

2.3Respect for Diversity

Evidence: Breadwinner Web 2.0 Project & Survivors Book List

2.4Literacy Strategies

Evidence: Psychology Book List & “It’s The End of the World as We Know It” Unit

Standard 3 – Information & Knowledge

3.1Efficient and ethical information-seeking behavior

Evidence: Credible Sources Lesson & Lesson

3.2Access to Information

Evidence: Destiny Discovery Screencast & Mind Your Digital Manners video

3.3Information Technology

Evidence: Student Created Book Trailer & Research Scavenger Hunt Template

3.4Research and Knowledge Creation

Evidence: EdTech Team GAFE Summit Resources & Library Advocacy Campaign

Standard 4 – Advocacy & Leadership

4.1Networking with the Library Community

Evidence: PTHS Blog Post & Letter of Recommendation

4.2Professional Development

Evidence: ALA Membership & JEA/NSPA Convention Document


Evidence: MCHS Literacy Project & AP Collaboration Plan


Evidence: LME 508 Information Inquiry Collaboration Plan &

Guest Instagram Project Plan

Standard 5 – Program Managment and Administration


Evidence: LME 502 CDP-1 & LME 502 Collection Analysis

5.2Professional Ethics

Evidence: Digital Citizenship Annotated Bibliography &

LME 502 Code of Ethics Discussion Document

5.3Personnel, Funding, & Facilities

Evidence: Library Facility Evaluation & LME 502 Budget Assignment

5.4Strategic Planning & Assessment

Evidence: LME 501 Library Media Center Review & MCHS Executive Summary

Practicum Documentation:

LME 590 Time Log

Literature Project – Student Interaction Video

My Practicum Story